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Sears and Zemansky's university physics :

Young, Hugh D.

Sears and Zemansky's university physics : with modern physics. - 12th ed. - San Francisco : Pearson Addison Wesley, 2008 - xx, 1551, 21, 2, 24 p. col. ill. ; 28 cm.

Includes chapters 1-44. "Extended edition" -- Preface.

Mechanics units,
Physical quantities,
Vectorsmotion along a straight linemotion in two or three dimensionsnewton's laws of motionapplying newton's lawswork and kinetic energypotential energy and energy conservationmomentum,
Impulse, and collisionsrotation of rigid bodiesdynamics of rotational motionequilibrium and elasticitygravitationperiodic motionfluid mechanicswaves/acousticsmechanical wavessound and hearingthermodynamicstemperature and heatthermal properties of matterthe first law of thermodynamicsthe second law of thermodynamicselectromagnetismelectric charge and electric fieldgauss's lawelectric potentialcapacitance and dielectricscurrent, resistance, and electromotive forcedirect-current circuitsmagnetic field and magnetic forcessources of magnetic fieldelectromagnetic inductioninductancealternating currentelectromagnetic wavesopticsthe nature and propagation of lightgeometric optics and optical instrumentsinterferencediffractionmodern physicsrelativityphotons, electrons, and atomsthe wave nature of particlesquantum mechanicsatomic structuremolecules and condensed matternuclear physicsparticle physics and cosmology

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