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Physics II :

Poornachandra, S.

Physics II : for Anna University / S. Poornachandra ; B. Sasikala and T. V. Padmavathy - New Dehli : Pearson Education, 2005 - xvii, 606 p.

Includes appendices and index

voltage and current laws;
network theorems;
semiconductor basics;
semiconductor diodes;
bipolar junction transistors;
field effect transistors;
bipolar junction transistor biasing;
field-effect transistor biasing;
small signal analysis of bipolar junction transistors;
small signal analysis of field-effect transistors;
power supply;
frequency response of bipolar junction transistors;
frequency response of junction field effect transistor;
operational amplifiers;
555 timers;
digital-to-analog converters

9788129709141 (pbk)


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