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Keep Smiling

Inspirational, and cautionary tales for would-be school leaders /

Haigh, Gerald.

Inspirational, and cautionary tales for would-be school leaders / Gerald Haigh. - London : New York : Routledge, 2008 - vi, 152 p. ; 22 cm.

Introduction. Improvement might come at a price. Finding the oil on the track. Delegation's not just letting go. Slow but sure. Just tell them what to do. Dealing with the maverick team member. Epiphany moments. Think about the impression you're making. Things to do. Small beginnings. Don't interfere when they know what they're doing. Be open to bad news. Don't assume the other person's job is better. If they don't get it, just tell them. Leadership role models. Leave room for the oddball. Don't say "tell me" unless you mean it. Sense and nonsense in time management. Status doesn't always come with competence. Leaders under pressure may be signalling for help. Listen impartially Make sure the message is clear. Calling it a team doesn't make it one. Hierarchy shouldn't breed distance. Job satisfaction really does count. Let people out of their ruts occasionally. Every member of staff matters equally. Build on strengths. Focus on the key skills when you build your team. Listening and really listening. Valuing your people. Good teachers have lives beyond the job. Making best use of people. Handling a star in the team. The new broom may not he right tool. Make sure your people have home lives. Do senior leadership figures need to teach in class? You can't always achieve perfection. You learn some things very quickly. Don't assume everyone thinks like you. Offering more work, but no more money. Moving on from headship. Managing an impossible staff member. Don't use the school to indulge your personal skills. Spreading the concept of leadership. Leadership in the classroom. The staffroom tells a story about the school. Are you a different person at home? Keeping ahead of the job. Maybe it's the system that's wrong. What sort of manager are you? Get the details right. The man who invented management. Put your effort in the right place. It's easy to be distracted from the core activity, Slow down and be aware of your good fortune. Settle down for the long haul. Slow down and be aware of your good fortune. Help your leaders to lead.

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Educational leadership.
School management and organization.
Teaching--Vocational guidance.

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