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020 _a9781402060113 (hbk)
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082 _a378.107
100 _aWesteheijden, Don F.
245 0 _aQuality assurance in higher education :
_btrends in regulation, translation and transformation
_c/ edited by Don F. Westerheijden ; Bjorn Stensaker ; Maria Joao Rosa.
260 _bSpringer,
_aNetherlands :
300 _axii, 262 p.
650 _aEducation-Higher education
942 _cBK
505 0 _a List of Contributors,- Preface,-Introduction: DON F. WESTERHEIJDEN et al,- PART I: REGULATION: The Public Regulation of Higher Education Qualities: Rationales, Processes and Outcomes: DOUGLAS BLACKMUR,- Will Market Competition Assure Academic Quality? An Analysis of the UK and US Experience:DAVID D. DILL,- States and Europe and Quality of Higher Education: DON F. WESTERHEIJDEN,- PART II: TRANSLATION: Quality as Fashion: Exploring the Translation of a Management Idea into Higher Education: BJORN STENSAKER,- The 'Quality Game': External Review and Institutional Reaction Over Three Decades in the United States: PETER EWELL,- Analysing Quality Assurance in Higher Education: Proposals for a Conceptual Framework and Methodological Implications: JUAN F. PERELLON,- PART III: TRANSFORMATION: A Self-assessment of Higher Education Institutions from the Perspective of the EFQM Excellence Model: MARIA JOAO ROSA AND ALBERTO AMARAL: Improving Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Can Learning Theory Add Value to Quality Reviews?: VANEETA-MARIE D'ANDREA,- Transforming Quality Evaluation: Moving On: LEE HARVEY AND JETHRO NEWTON,- Conclusions and Further Challenges: BJORN STENSAKER et al