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Green chemistry and biodiversity : principles, techniques, and correlations - Canada : Apple Academic Press Inc. 2020 - xvi, 286 p.

1. Photodegradation of 2-nitropheno, an endocrine disruptor, using Tio2 nanoshpheres/SnO2 Quantum Dots
2. Biodiversity as a source of drugs: codia, enchinacea, tabernaemontana, and aloe
3. Biodiversity: loss and conservation
4. Aegle marmelos: natures gift for human beings
5. Seed-growth method for the synthesis of metal nanoparticles
6. Soil-protecting functions of medicinal plants: measdow and field weeds
7. Glycosylation of polyphenols in Tannin-rich extracts from euphorbia antisyphilitica, jatropha dioica, and larrea tridentata
8. Analysis and quantification of larrea tridentate polyphenols obtained by reflux and ultrasound assisted extraction

9781774634691 (pbk)

Green chemistry--Biodiversity

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