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The Oxford handbook of translation and social practices / edited by Meng Ji and Sara Laviosa. - Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2021 - xv, 671 p. : illustrations ; 26 cm

Corpus Translation and Interpreting Studies / Sara Laviosa, Sofia Malamatidou --
The Translation of Polder: Water Management in The Netherlands and Indonesia / Simon Richter --
Translation at International Organizations: The Legal and Linguistic Hierarchies of Multilingualism / Fernando Prieto Ramos --
Development Aid in Translation / Marija Todorova, Kathleen Ahrens --
Eurolects and EU Legal Translation / ¡ucja Biel --
Translatability of Law and Legal Technology / Wolfgang Alschner, John Mark Keyes --
Political Translation and Civic Translation Capacities for Democracy in Post-Migrant Societies / Nicole Doerr --
Political Translation and the Sustainable Development Goals / Chris G. Pope, Meng Ji, Xuemei Bai --
Using Translation to Develop Plurilingual Competence in High-Complexity Schools / Maria González Davies --
Translation and Social Practices / Meng Ji --
Pedagogical Translation in School Curriculum Design / Georgios Floros --
Legal Interpreting and Social Discourse / Mira Kadriâc --
Medical Interpreter Education and Training / Indira Sultaniâc --
Translation and Interpreting in Conflict / Lucía Ruiz Rosendo --
Healthcare Translation in Mental Health Research / Melissa Allen Heath, Elizabeth A. Cutrer-Párraga --
Translating Identity in Political Discourse / Chantal Gagnon, Etienne Lehoux-Jobin --
Translation and Interpreting in the Indigenous Languages of Peru / Raquel De Pedro Ricoy, Luis Andrade Ciudad --
Accessible Filmmaking and Media Accessibility / Pablo Romero-Fresco --
Translation, Ideology, and Social Practice / Susan Petrilli --
The (Un)Translatability of Well-Being / Tim Lomas --
Translation in Health Literacy Research / Xuewei Chen, Sandra Acosta --
User-Oriented Healthcare Translation and Communication / Meng Ji, Kristine Sørensen, Pierrette Bouillon --
Translating Gender-Based Violence Documentaries: Listening Ethically to the Voices of Survivors / Charlotte Bosseaux --
Accessible Audiovisual Translation Corpus Statistics for Empirical Translation Studies / Michael Oakes --
Social Applications of Speech-Translation Technology / Mark Seligman --
Designing Terminology Resources for Environmental Translation --
Pamela Faber, Pilar León-Araúz --
Terminological Resources for Geosciences Translation / Sabina Di Franco, Paolo Plini, Elena Rapisardi --
Policy Translation and Energy Transition in China / Jørgen Delman

"The Oxford Handbook of Translation and Social Practices illustrates the manifold interactions between linguistically-based translation studies and many research fields in the social and natural sciences. Drawing on a wide array of case studies from across the world, the Handbook demonstrates the increasing role of translation studies in identifying and providing practical, innovative solutions to persistent and emerging social and research challenges in the world's transition toward sustainability. Twenty-nice chapters by scholars and professional translators from all over the world apply translation studies methods to a wide range of fields, including healthcare, environmental policy, geological and cultural heritage conservation, education, tourism, comparative politics, conflict mediation, international law, commercial law, immigration, and indigenous language policy. The essays cover numerous languages, from European and Latin American languages to Asian and Australian languages, giving unprecedented weight to the translation of indigenous languages in Australia, Asia, and the Americas. In this way, the Handbook offers a forward-looking and cross-disciplinary survey of the challenges and possibilities of translating in the global world, demonstrating the research potential and social significance of translation studies and reformulating the scope of this discipline as an empirically-grounded, socially-oriented, technologically-enhanced, and ethical research field in the 21st century"--

9780190067205 (hbk)

Translating and interpreting--Social aspects.

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